Religious Education (CCD)

ccd_ReligiousEdLogoHistoric Saint Patrick parish offers a CCD program for all children of the parish. Our CCD program follows the Religious Education Curriculum Guidelines of the Peoria Diocese.

The goals of the program are to provide the children of our parish, Grades K-8, with knowledge of our faith, understanding of the sacraments, spiritual growth through prayer and worship, and opportunities to develop as Catholics who serve their parish and community.

To enroll or become involved in the education of our future, contact Kathleen Lipka at the church office on (309) 829 1355 or email

Christian Service Requirements
It is important to incorporate Christian Service in the lives of our young people! Our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are required to complete the following service hours by the end of the school year:
6th grade students:  8 hours of service
7th grade students: 10 hours of service
8th grade students:  20 hours of service

After each semester, the student is required to complete a Christian Service Log and the Reflection Questions(see below) and turn it in to their teacher.